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The Tic of Tourette Syndrome

Have you met someone who blinks or winks twice every 30 seconds? Or shouting obscene words every now and then?

Yes, I have met those people and those winks don’t mean admiration or those obscene words don't mean to disgrace me.

Watch this video to see what I mean.

This boy is suffering from Tourette Syndrome. It is a chronic, familial motor disorder characterized by tics: repetitive, irregular habit spasms. They just feel the urgency to blink, to shout, et cetera.

I know that most of you will find it funny when Tourette patients exhibit tics. That's why it is very essential to think first before you react.

Supportive counseling is also recommended for family members.

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Semen Analysis: Three-Hour Experiment

Laboratory Test: Semen Analysis [ by tuffy1973]

The evaluation of infertility cases and postvasectomy cases are the two primary reasons for semen analysis.

I still have a semi-vivid image in my mind when we had a three-hour experiment for semen analysis. The guys had to be absent for one subject because they needed to "concentrate"…if you know what I mean. True man or semi-man, he/half-he had to donate his sperm for semen analysis experiment.

While the men were "away," we, ladies, had to prepare the laboratory equipment for the said activity. And after maybe almost an hour of waiting, the guys arrived sweaty and, surprisingly, in high spirits.

Then, the fun began.

If I could accurately remember, the first thing we did was to sniff the chlorine type smell of the semen. (It wasn’t necessary, but we did it anyway.) And then we measured the volume (normal semen volume ranges between 2 and 5 ml) and its pH (normal is slightly alkaline); and determined its viscosity (normal viscosity will pour in droplets).

Looking at the sperm through the microscope is the most interesting part because we could really see the tadpole-like rapid movement of the sperm. In fertility cases, the actual number of sperm present, the motility of the sperm in a semen specimen, and the sperm's morphology are valid measurements.

We all know that there's only one (or sometimes two) sperm that can successfully penetrate the ovum, but the sperm count normal values are 20 to 160 million sperm per milliliter. Isn't it frustrating when you have countless sperms and only one could get in? (lol)

Furthermore, even though you have enough sperm count but the motility of your semen is not that aggressive, impregnating a woman will be formidable. One male classmate of mine had a grade 4 (excellent rapid movement). No wonder after a year, he's already a father.

And don’t ever think that having a handsome face is already enough because the face or the appearance of his sperm should also count in fertility case. It is essential for the guy's semen to have 70% to 99.9% good looking sperms, like this:
Normal morphology of sperm []

However, the semen analysis is only a part of fertility test.

Well, that's all folks. We had an exciting three-hour laboratory experiment. Ciao.

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Why You Should Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Why You Should Eat Fruits and Vegetables [ by miss kim]

The recommended daily serving of eating fruits and veggies in a day is five servings. But why should we eat fruits and vegetables?

According to scientific studies, fresh fruits and vegetables are "fat free, low in salt and an excellent source of fiber." Likewise, fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients. Bananas and spinach, for example, are both rich in potassium which is necessary for proper nerve and muscle functioning.

In addition to that, fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients and antioxidant. The former helps in protecting our organs and the latter protects our bodies from free radicals which are deleterious to our cellular membranes.

I am fortunate to live in a place where fruits and vegetables are readily available. Banana is not really my favorite fruit, although we have a small farm planted with bananas. Ampalaya or bitter melon is one of my favorite vegetables. My favorite ampalaya dish is salad. I know it's bitter but I consider it as an appetizer. How about you, what are your favorite fruits and vegetables? And how often do you eat them?

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How A Sexually Inactive Child Maybe Infected With Chlamydia

Chlamydia trachomatis infection []
Chlamydial Infection

Chlamydia trachomatis is the most common species of Chlamydia and C. trachomatis infection is the most reportedly case of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). A disease of the eye called trachoma is caused by the trachoma strains of C. trachomatis.

For STDs, condoms can prevent possible transmission. But abstinence is still the best choice for STD prevention.

But is it possible for a sexually inactive child to be infected with Chlamydia? Yes.

If for example, a Chlamydia-positive mother is pregnant. The newborn can be infected as it passes through the birth canal. Other modes of transmission are from eye to eye transmission via droplets, hands, contaminated fomites or flies.

As the Chlamydia stays inside the digestive and respiratory tract of the child, the infection can be further transferred through fecal contamination and respiratory droplets.

Moreover, it has been reported that Chlamydial infection is endemic in communities where there is an inadequate personal hygiene and sanitation and lack of medical care.

Therefore, cleanliness may still play a big part in fighting against this disease. Food safety training can be done in those areas and proper hygiene should be taught.

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Your Basal Metabolic Rate

health, basal metabolic rate, exercise and fitness, exercise tips, fitness exercise []
Let's Exercise

I received an email from my sister-in-law about Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Although, the information shared was basically to advertise a product. The explanation of BMR captured my imagination.

Your body is like your car. Think of turning your car engine on in the morning
and just letting it run in the driveway. The car sitting in the driveway burning
fuel is like your BMR. The bigger the car engine, the more fuel it uses. So a
big truck burns lots of fuel and gets maybe eight miles to the gallon while an
economy car uses little fuel and gets 40 miles to the gallon. If you pushed down
on the gas pedal and revved the engine, you would be burning more fuel, which is
basically what you do when you exercise.

In other words, the bigger you are the more calories you have to burn in a day.

But I guess we should love exercising because of the benefits we could get out of it. Just one hour walking, running or jogging perhaps could surely burn some hated fats that we have. We don't really have to go to the gym and use those heavy exercise equipment. Right?

Well, I'd like to end this post by sharing these tips from Luigi Gratoon, M.D., M.P.H

Tips for burning more calories:
• Exercise to increase muscle mass.
• Fuel up with Herbalife nutrition products.
• Rev up your workout routine to
burn more calories.

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