Benefits Of Coconut

"The coconut nut is a giant nut. If you eat too much, you'll get very fat… It's the coco fruit. Of the coco tree. From the coco palm family." – From the song "Da Coconut Nut" by Smokey Mountain.

Coconut palm is the tree itself while its seed is referred to as coconut. There are several benefits of coconut.

Treatment for kidney disease is one of the health benefits of coconut water. Although you can buy BJ (Buko juice or coconut water) at the grocery section, it's still better to drink it fresh from the coconut. You can put a straw into the coconut to drink its water. Or you can transfer the water in a clean container and add milk.

The white, fleshy part of the coconut seed called meat is used in cooking. This meat is high in dietary fiber, another health benefit of coconut.

The coconut oil is considered as the best nutrition for the hair. Several women use such oil to make their hair shiny and to maintain their healthy black hair.

In the Philippines, coconut is dubbed as the "Tree of Life." It has thousands of uses to the Filipino people and one of them is used to build a house.

These are just few of the benefits of the coconut, a giant nut.

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Common Cold Remedy

I'm not a big fan of synthetic medicines, especially when I think I will catch a common cold. Sore throat, sneezing, clear, watery nasal drainage are few of the most common symptoms of colds. And what do I do if cold symptoms will come my way? I don’t take paracetamol, phenyl and the like. I just follow the common cold remedy that my grandma taught me.

Common cold remedy

Garlic, honey and kalamansi. These three will always make me feel better. And oh! Don’t forget the healing power of water therapy.

Garlic- this member of the onion family Alliaceae is not only used for culinary purposes but it's also utilized to fight against common cold. It has a special property that boosts your immune system.

Honey- this honey-bee-produced common cold remedy is rich in vitamin C.

Kalamansi- or Calamondin is another common cold remedy that is high in vitamin C, perfect to ward off symptoms of common cold.

Water therapy is also beneficial in treating common cold. This will help flush out phlegm and assist you to breathe easier.

This common cold remedy suits my body and relieves my sickness.

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Lifestyle Factors of Cosmetic Surgery

(This post is written by Brett, a guest writer.)

Considering a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve your self esteem or self image? There are a variety of lifestyle factors that should be taken into account before moving forward with any medical procedures, selective or otherwise. Your health care representative will provide specific guidelines and rules to follow before you arrive for surgery. Below is some fairly standard advice that is provided by most professionals pre-operation:

- Continue with regular exercise preceding surgery. Post operation, be sure to take it easy and take part in low-intensity workouts at first.
- Limit alcohol consumption.
- Be sure to get plenty of rest before and after surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a psychically draining experience for many patients.
- Avoid excessive sunlight. A variety of side effects including sunburn and dehydration can occur from spending too much time in direct sunlight.
- Don't smoke.
- Don't use illegal drugs.
- Eat healthy and continue to take any vitamin supplements.

For more information regarding this topic, there are a variety of cosmetic surgery blogs that can be used as an additional resource. By following these common sense guidelines, you'll be doing your part to ensure the success of your upcoming cosmetic procedure.

The Truth About Your Kidneys

As you know it, you have two kidneys and each kidney has 1,000,000 nephrons (functional unit of the kidney).

A normal kidney removes the metabolic waste products from your blood. It also regulates the acid-base balance, as well as the water content in the body.

The volume of blood delivered to the kidneys is approximately 1200 ml/min.

Low urine volume

In case of increased production of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone), your kidneys produce low urine volume.

Specimen collection

Improper collection of urine sample is the most common cause of error in the creatinine clearance test.


Pyelonephritis that resulted from untreated lower urinary tract infection is commonly seen in women.

You might notice that every time you consult your doctor for a certain illness, urinalysis is one of the most requested laboratory tests. This is because almost all diseases, especially kidney problems, can affect renal function.

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Acne Remedy

There are several different acne remedies you can choose from. These remedies would include herbal medicines and conventional treatments.

Conventional medicines or treatments usually cause serious side effects. Plus, they are costly. Herbal medicines, on the other hand, may not be as effective as conventional treatments but they do not cause adverse side effects.

One acne remedy I would recommend is Herbal Aloe of Herbalife. This product contains whole leaf aloe, chamomile, calendula extracts and other useful ingredients. The main purpose of this remedy is to provide relief from minor skin irritations.

But when my cousin, who has moderate acne, started using this herbal remedy of Herbalife, I must say that her facial skin was improved. Although her face still has some blemishes, but her acne gradually disappears. Her pimples will still show up every time Aunt Flow comes, but it fades away after her menstrual period.

With liberal amount of Herbal Aloe Everyday Soothing Gel, apply it gently all over your face after facial wash, twice a day.

But then again, this acne remedy is not for everyone. Some patients with acne might have allergic reactions to aloe vera.

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Fasting Blood Sugar

Fasting blood sugar is often the requested clinical chemistry test in order to determine your blood sugar level. It is taken after an eight-hour fasting.

Furthermore, fasting blood sugar examination requires fasting for eight hours to ensure that the system is clear. It is said that the most accurate fasting blood sugar result can only be obtained if the patient underwent fasting for at least eight hours before collection of blood.

This clinical chemistry examination is a screening test for diabetes. If the result is above the normal values, physicians would usually request for another fasting blood sugar examination. However, some doctors will immediately request for a glycosylated hemoglobin test as a confirmatory test for diabetes. But this will depend on your doctor's assessment regarding your medical background.

Fasting blood sugar is essential especially for patients with family history of diabetes. As you all know it, diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease of impaired insulin function.

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Acid Reflux Remedy—No More Stomach Acids

Acid reflux is simply described as flowing back of stomach acid to your esophagus. Trouble in swallowing is one of the common symptoms of acid reflux. Physicians would usually recommend a lifestyle change as acid reflex remedy.

Ginger may used as acid reflux remedy. Your grandparents may have used it to treat stomach upsets and to suppress nausea. This remedy for acid reflux may improve digestion leading to treatment of your condition.

But not all cases of acid reflux have been solved using this remedy. Like any other herbal remedies, there is still no scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness.

Large amount of ginger as remedy for acid reflux is not advisable for patients who are also using blood-thinning medication. It may cause some serious medical condition.

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