Flashes of Light in the Eyes


I am not really sure if I see flashes of light when my eyes are close or open. But one thing is for sure. I do see flashes of light. It usually happens when my eyes are so tired from being in front of my computer monitor for 8 hours. But should I be concerned?

According to eye experts, flashes of light have different causes and one of them is migraine.  Pretty sure light flashes are not caused by migraine as I did not experience headache following the flashes.

Flashes of light may also appear when the subject is hit in the eye. But I was not hit in the eye when I saw light flashes.

Another cause is  retinal tear or detachment. It is different from macular degeneration but it also needs immediate action. This is to avoid permanent vision loss. An ophthalmologist can reattach the retina and restore its function.

Hopefully, mine is just caused by hours of facing my computer monitor and not retinal detachment.

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