SparkPeople A Great Online Food Diary

Introduced to me by, SparkPeople has been a useful tool for me to control my caloric intake. I have been using it for over two weeks now.

What is SparkPeople?

It is one of the many online food diaries that you can sign up with. It works like WeightWatchers, sans fee. With this tool, I can input each food that I eat. It is a fussy task but it keeps me on track.

What I like most about SparkPeople is that it lets me know how much calories are left for me to consume in order to reach my daily caloric goal. Essentially, it gives me control on what to eat each day. Unfortunately, I always end up consuming more calories than the recommended daily goal of calories to maintain my weight.

The calories of each food stored in SparkPeople’s database are not 100% accurate. For that reason, I add 10% of the total estimated calories to give me a more accurate figure.

Apart from that, I can also track my weight and other measurements that can help me determine whether I am losing or gaining weight.

As regards to my progress, hmmmm, let us just say I wish I could avoid certain food temptations.

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