What is GERD -- 5 Tips To Manage Your Condition

What is GERD? This medical condition is also known as heartburn. You will experience it when your muscles of the lower esophagus are malfunctioning. As result of this malfunction, the food and acids from your stomach will go back to your esophagus, ergo, the term reflux.

My sister is suffering from this condition. Her doctor advise her not to lie down with a full stomach. Therefore, she has to eat her supper at least two hours before bedtime. The food must be digested properly and allow it to leave the stomach before putting your body in a reclined position. In this way, acids from your stomach will less likely to leak back into your esophagus.

Other things that a person with GERD can do to manage this condition will include the following:
  1. Avoid overeating. Rather than eating three large ones, you must try to eat four to five small meals each day. You are not only helping yourself in managing your heartburn but you are also preventing yourself from gaining weight. 
  2. Do not eat foods that can trigger GERD symptoms. As much as possible, you must stay away from eating onions, peppermint and other foods that can trigger such condition. You may also keep a food diary to help you figure out what foods you must avoid to help manage your heartburn. 
  3. Quit smoking. Nicotine weakens the lower esophageal sphincter. As it weakens, it allows the acids from the stomach to easily enter the esophagus. 
  4. Stop drinking alcohol. Instead of consuming alcohol, you must go and walk, meditate or stretch out. These things can help you unwind and relieve yourself from all the stressors in your life. 
  5. Lose weight. Yes, overweight can worsen your condition. Therefore, it is important that you lose weight in order to relieve the symptoms of your heartburn. 
You must talk to your doctor and ask him/her about what is GERD. He/she can offer you some treatments that can alleviate your own case. 

Photo source: medicinenet.com
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