Chicken Recipes: How To Make Chicken A La King

One of the chicken recipes that I want to try is Chicken a la King. But, instead of classic creamy choice, I want to use low-fat milk and flour for thickening purposes. In this way, it will not be filled with saturated fat.

Ingredients for Chicken a La King: 
Boneless, skinless, trimmed chicken
All-purpose flour
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
White Mushrooms
Bell pepper
Ground pepper
Less sodium chicken broth
Low fat milk

How to make this chicken recipe? 
1. First, you need to put the chicken into a medium bowl filled with flour.
2. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a pan over medium heat.
3. Place the chicken to the hot pan
4. Stir it occasionally.
5. Let it stay there until lightly browned
6. Reduce the heat before adding one tablespoon of oil to the pan
7. Add the mushrooms, salt, bell pepper and ground peper
8. Stir it often or until the mushrooms start to brown
9. Whip the chicken broth and low-fat milk into the reserved flour.
10. Do it until the mixture becomes smooth.
11. Stir it into the pan.
12. Let is simmer for a few minutes.
13. Allow all ingredients to be cooked. The vegetables must be tender and the chicken must be cooked enough.

Note: This is one of the chicken recipes that some chefs do recommend omitting salt. You may only add salt when this chicken recipe is already on your plate. 

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