Lose Weight Natural Ways And Why Should You Serve Your Meal On Blue Plate

To lose weight, you must do these two things:

Take in fewer calories
Burn more calories

But you must not overhaul your eating habits. You can start by following these tips:
1. Eat fat releasing foods
But what are these fat-releasing foods? Honey, eggs, and dark chocolates are just few of the foods that can help in releasing fats and converting them into energy.

2. Consider high-calorie foods as miscellaneous
For instance, if you want to eat ice cream, you must only take one spoonful of ice cream and get a bowl of fruits. When you crave for chips, you must pair each bite with lots of fresh salsa.

3. Maintain a food diary
With a food diary, you can keep track of each morsel that enters your mouth.

4. Use a pedometer
Through a pedometer, you can mointor how many steps a day you take. Keep in mind that taking extra 1,000 steps each day can help you lose weight, maintain ideal weight or stop gaining weight.

5. Eat five to six small meals each day
Instead of consuming three large meals, you must consume small meals five to six times a day. In this way, your body will release less insulin, thereby, keeping your blood sugar steady. As a result, you can easily control your hunger.

6. Walk for at least 45 minutes a day
According to a medical study, participants who performed more than 30 minutes a day experienced weight loss and fat loss. By burning additional 30 calories a day could help you lose 30 pounds of weight in one year even if you do not change how much calories you are taking.

Interesting note: Experts advise individuals who want to lose weight to serve meal on blue plates or cover table with blue tablecloth. According to studies, the color blue acts as an appetite suppressant. This is one of the reasons fast-food restaurants do not use this color for their establishments. Colors that encourage eating include red, yellow and orange.

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