3 Straightforward Natural Brain Boosters You’ve Never Heard Of

You don’t need those worthless brain boosting supplements that you can purchase online. There are easy ways to boost your brain functions without buying anything.

Get enough sleep

Not having enough sleep can cause your brain to age quickly. Same goes with sleeping more than 9 hours. According to studies, sleeping more than or less than 2 hours of the recommended 7 hours each night can reduce your brain’s age to 2 years.
That said, you must aim for 7 hours of sleep every night to boost your brain function.

Avoid fake butter

Butter substitutes have diacetyl-based chemicals that are known to damage the brain cells. In fact, diacetyl triggers clumping of protein in the brain, which are signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
Instead of using butter substitute, try snacking on fresh fruits. If you want to snack on popcorn, make your own fresh popcorn and add salt.

Use mouthwash with lemonade

Sweet mouthwash can boost brain. In a study conducted at University of Georgia, students who used and rinsed their mouth with sweetened lemonade mouthwash performed better on willpower test. It could be the sugar’s ability to enter the body in order to provide you the energy to control cravings. 
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