Skin Safety Campaign

I have seen a lot of skin care clinics promising to make someone's skin softer and smoother at a lower price. But are they safe? Do they have certified professionals to perform certain procedure? I doubt it.

The Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) came up with the Skin Safety Campaign with the goal of informing or educating individuals on how to choose a dermatologist.

A real dermatologist is a licensed medical doctor who underwent training for 3 years in a hospital or an institution that is approved by the PDS and passed the board examinations of the PDS.

A PDS Skin Safety Campaign logo should appear in one's skin care clinic and the physician's/dermatologist's prescription pad should show that he or she is a Fellow (FPDS), Diplomate (DPDS), PDS Associate or Affiliate.

For further information, visit PDS:


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