Some Facts about Doctors

Dr. House
(Photo from Caricaturas)
"Are You Sure, Doc?"
Sometimes patients have the inclination to ask medical doctors if they are sure about the things they're telling to their patients, which connotes suspicion or lack of confidence to the medical doctor's ability. But it irked some medical doctors when patients do this. More so if patients compare the opinion or diagnosis of their medical doctors from other medical doctors who are less competent.

"I'll leave it up to you, Doc."
The management of one's health shouldn't be placed on the hands of the medical doctors. Health care is the patient's responsibility. Medical doctors are just guide. They should work hand in hand.

Herbal Medicines
Most medical doctors don't believe or accept the effectiveness of herbal medicines. But if you're taking any herbal medicines, it is still important to tell your doctor what other medicines you are taking. They need to know and they have to know in order for them to evaluate you better. Don't keep it under wraps.

Know your signs and symptoms.
If you feel something bizarre about your body, take note of it. List everything you did and the medicines that you took before the odd feeling. Doctors don't know everything. They need to properly know your history of present illness. One miss might aggravate the situation.

Not all diseases can be cured.
Just like arthritis. There's no cure for arthritis. But you can control it by avoiding the foods or activities that would trigger it. Stop asking your doctor to give you a pill to cure arthritis. They will just give you a pain reliever.

Don't self-medicate.
Just because you have mustered medical information about your illness, doesn’t mean you have to self-medicate. Although medical information is available online, it is still necessary to discuss it with your doctor to further understand your illness.

Revealing the truth.
Doctors can feel the pain when they tell their patients they have incurable disease or worse, they only have one month to live. Some medical doctors sympathize with their patients. But they need to show their patients there's still hope, even if there's none.

Doctors don’t know everything.
Unless your medical doctor is Dr. House. Because of ego, perhaps, some doctors can't say to their patients if they don't know their illness. They simply request for additional examination.

Other doctors can understand their patient's financial status, so it's okay to admit that you don't have enough money to pay them. But some patients are too shy to concede. Funny thing is that those who negotiate of doctor's fee are the people who can afford to pay.


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