Fruits and Vegetables for Treating Different Diseases Like Prostate Cancer and Diabetes

My parents and I, together with my brother and his wife, my uncle and aunt, went to the town of Asuncion. It's almost an hour ride from Tagum City and two-hour ride from Davao City.

Why did we go there?
To seek a therapist.

For what?
For my father's prostate cancer and my mom's nephrolithiasis. Siegfred Alingayao, a physiotherapist, is known to his co-barangay as a therapist who can heal almost all kinds of diseases.

There were a lot of malignant stages of cancer, like prostate cancer, and severe cases of kidney diseases that he successfully treated. He also treats diabetics to normalize their glucose, as long as they stay away from foods that are prohibited for diabetics. He doesn’t advise taking synthetic medicines.

His method of therapy is different because he only massages some parts of the body and on the forehead. But I'm still skeptical about it. I may believe him if he could cure my father's prostate cancer and my mom's scoliosis and nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), without taking synthetic medicines and just pure and natural foods.

Right now, my father is taking pure and natural tomatoes and cucumber. If I were to think of it, I don’t think I can manage to either eat pure tomatoes or cucumber or drink their juices.

We are also looking for a guyabano or soursoup because research shows that it has components that can cure cancer. It is like undergoing chemotherapy, but no hair falls. However, it's difficult to find soursoup or guyabano these days.

He also mentioned several fruits and vegetables that are effective in treating diseases, like:
This is to normalize sugar level for diabetes. He requires two bananas a day.

Cucumber or Pipino
For people suffering from kidney diseases. I had that chance to ask one patient about her experience. And indeed, after eating cucumber for months, her scheduled dialysis was discontinued because her kidneys were already functioning well. She didn’t take any synthetic medicines, just pure natural foods.

Carrots are really effective therapy for the eyes.

Although he approves those mangosteen capsules in the market today, he still recommends eating the fresh ones because he said we cannot be sure where they got these mangosteen fruits to make capsules.

Prostate Cancer
He said that either in excess or deficient in sex is the reason why men suffer enlargement of the prostate. He advised eight times per month; twice per week.

He still commends eating fresh fruits rich in Vitamin C. He didn’t approve taking Centrum Complete because of its completeness. But why it's not good for the body? Because, for example, one of the Minerals in Centrum is zinc. But if you're the person who doesn't need zinc every day, and since, it's in Centrum, your body will then accumulate zinc which may lead to harmful effects to your kidneys (excretion of waste products) or your liver (detoxification).

I think I can learn a lot more from him just by listening. We'll be back next Saturday because he advised my parents to have another session of therapy with him.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm still skeptical about his ways of treating people, but I still hope that he'll be the instrument to heal my father's prostate cancer and my mom's kidney stones and scoliosis.

Additional Information: He can also help someone get pregnant through a series of sessions.


vhingF said...

nice story.,.,

we all have that in our country so easy to look for during harvest season...

EddieGarcia said...

I do know there are products on the market that are supplements that can help with all these symptoms. They are not cures but they will help greatly. I will be happy to share these products with you and you can make up your mind as to whether you would like to try them or not. I just know they work. Hope your parents get better soon.

Friends 4 Life!

Jane Jane said...

ty. True, we have plenty of fruits and vegetables here in Pinas.

Please do share these products.

Ty all for dropping by.

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