How To Lose Weight?--Feed Your Mind First With Proper Information

Do you ever wonder why you still have weight problem and you're not losing weight while you exercise regularly and you avoid foods that can cause obesity? Scientists have added genes, viruses and hormonal imbalances as contributing factors to weight problem.

Yes, genes can affect your weight problem. According to a research, there are people who carry fat genes that would cause obesity. If you have this type of genes, then you have more weight problem. But regular exercise may help you lose weight.

What's more interesting is that there are some people who were born to have more fat cells. This is why these people need to work out more to lose more fats.

If you belong to the category of people with fat genes and more fat cells, then you need to start changing your diet and go have some physical activity.

Changing your metabolism is one of the many ways to lose weight. If you can do this, then your weight problem may gradually be solved.


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