Can Orchiectomy Cure Prostate Cancer?

After we found out almost three years ago that my father is suffering from prostate cancer, his doctor discussed the treatment options. My father could either undergo orchiectomy or hormonal therapy. The latter is more expensive because it is done every month. The former is a one-time treatment.

Treatment for prostate cancer

Orchiectomy is one of the ways to cure prostate cancer. Or if you have enlargement of the prostate glands, then you may opt for orchiectomy. This procedure is the removal of your testis, which produces testosterone. Testosterone is said to be the food of the prostate cancer. So if the food is eliminated, then the cancer cells will eventually die. This explanation is from my father's urologist.


The drawbacks of this surgical procedure are erectile dysfunction, sterility, weight gain, hot flashes, osteoporosis, larger breasts, and loss of muscles mass and of sexual interest. Insanity is not included.

So the question, can orchiectomy do its job well in treating prostate cancer? My father's urologist says yes. The success rate for orchiectomy is high. But father opted for hormonal therapy.


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