High LDL and Associated Risk

I had my laboratory examination at Alexian Brothers (cheaper rates compared with other laboratory clinics and hospitals) for the following tests:

UE - urinalysis
FE - fecalysis
FBS - Fasting Blood Sugar (screening test for diabetes)
Creatinine - (kidney function test)
Serum Uric Acid
Lipid Profile:

The test results returned normal, except for my LDL or bad cholesterol. I am not sure how it turned out to be 2.92 mmol/l when the normal range for such test is from 0 to 2.50 mmol/l. I do exercise regularly (except for a busy week). I rarely eat meat. And I am far from being obese.

I just feel uneasy because LDL is considered a risk factor of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problem runs in our family. Ugh!

I’m thinking of going back to swimming and playing tennis. These activities were cut off because of busyness. I’m also allocating budget for Herbalife Shake. I ceased from drinking it because of my limited budget.

The reason I submitted myself for these laboratory tests was my complaint of joint pain, ergo, a request for SUA. Fortunately, my uric acid is normal. That means, there is no need for me to halt from eating nuts.

Anyway, I will just try to eat a healthy balanced diet and minimize eating pizza.

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Anna Lakwatsera said...

very informative. I'll better check my labs too. Though I'm not that old its better to check ones workups before its too late.

Anji said...

My problem was eating too much cheese. I sorted out my cholesterol problem by cutting down cheese and eating a good variety of different foods. I've also managed to keep my Blood sugat under control for over 5 years now.

Good luck

Jane Jane said...

@Anji -- Yes, you should.
@ Anji -- Good for you. I hope I can manage to pull it down to normal by drinking Herbalife, eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly (by that it means 5 times a week...cross fingers).

Thank you all for dropping by.

medmedical said...

what a great post. it could be very helpful for my health.

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