What Is Herbalife? -- Herbalife Products Beneficial for Your Health

What is Herbalife?

Before I will introduce to you the products of Herbalife that can make you healthier and help you stay away from getting sick, let me share to you the actual testimonials provided by actual users of Herbalife products. You may also read the positive effects of Herbalife to my father’s health here: 

From a person who was given 3 years to live...

From a mother who used to weigh 187 pounds with a 43-inch waistline.

From various individuals...

Essentially, Herbalife products are not just for losing/gaining/maintaining weight, but they are also being used to improve overall health.

I do not think you need to ask yourself, “Why do I need to be healthy?” We work hard (some of us work almost 24 hours a day... executives???) in order to enjoy life and not to throw our earnings away to pay for the hospital bill or doctor’s fee.

If you love your family, you must SHAPE UP, REDUCE STRESS AND BE HEALTHY before it will be too late.

We all know that stress, poor diet and too much exposure to pollutants can lead to weakened immune system, poor health, obesity and worse, death.

The Herbalife products mentioned below are specifically formulated to provide you with the needed nutrients to achieve a healthy body. You can conquer poor health with the help of Herbalife products.

Like any other dietary supplements, you cannot attain the body that you desire if you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle. You also need to exercise to maximize the results.

FDA thingy...

Herbalife products met the strict requirements of FDA. The Food and Drug Administration’s role is to ensure that the food and drugs used in the US are safe to use. They can recall dietary supplements (herbal supplements) which are considered (proven) to provide harmful effects to consumers. They cannot recommend or approve these products.

Herbalife products are not used as a treatment or cure for any type of disease. That is why they are called “supplements.” They can only support your health but they cannot cure.

HERBALIFE products ARE EXPENSIVE... Yes, they are, but if you think about it, they become cheaper than paying exorbitant hospital bill and doctor’s fee.

So, if you have decided to change now and become healthy, you may look and peruse the products below.

Best-selling products:

Formula 1 (Nutritional Protein Drink - Shake, I take this once a day as part of the ideal weight maintenance program. I add fresh fruit and ice to make it more palatable). This product is packed with 19 vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and fiber. It contains 80 calories and 1 gram of fats. Apart from helping you lose/gain/maintain weight, this product can also help prevent osteoporosis. It is good for the heart.

Formula 2 (Multivitamin Complex) - It has the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs each day. This is ideal for lactating mothers because it is rich in folic acid.

Formula 3 (Personalized Protein Powder or PPP) - It is used to block hunger. It does not cause stomach ulcers, unlike other hunger blocker products.

Fiber and Herb - It gets rid of toxins from the body as it cleanses your intestine. It provides the feeling of fullness. It can also be used to regulate menstruation.

Cell-U-Loss - As the name suggests, it can help remove extra cellulite. It promotes healthy blood circulation.

Fiberbond - It absorbs bad fats and cholesterol and eliminates them from your body. It also gives you the feeling of fullness.

Thermojetics tea (50g and 100g) - Aerobics in a bottle. Why? It promotes sweating. This is good for individuals who dislike performing aerobics. I usually take this in the morning as it increases mental alertness.

Natures Raw Guarana (NRG) - It gives extra strength and increases mental alertness and concentration. Well, you can call it food for the brain. This is advisable for individuals who are always in a stressful situation or travelling. It is good for patients with sinusitis, as well.

Herbalifeline - It promotes healthy heart.

Aloe Vera Concentrate - For healthy digestion. It protects your gums and supports internal cleansing. And I may add, it can help you get a goodnight’s sleep.

Aloe Soothing Gel - It can be used to alleviate acne problem, external hemorrhoids, burns, etc.

There are other products that I am afraid I cannot include in this post as my hands are already getting tired from typing.

So, for further information about what is Herbalife, you may contact me by leaving me a comment, dropping me an email, or calling/texting me via: +63-939-616-9297. We (I am helping my sister-in-law spread the good news about Herbalife) ship orders nationwide.
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