Health IT: Salary and How to Earn More in this Field?

health IT

Health IT service is an important field in the health care industry. People who work in this area maintain the medical information of the patients from the moment they contacted their respective physicians. This field tackles how health information of the patient is structured and formatted. It processes medical data and documents for treatments. It makes sure that physicians and health care facilities meet the standards and requirements in the health care industry in order to make sure that they offer highest quality patient care.


Individuals who work in the health IT service obtain median salaries of $85,600 and $82,100. Those who are into the consulting area may receive a median salary of $69,900.

How to earn more?

Experience. Individuals working in the health IT service can earn more by getting years of exprience in this field. According to a report, veterans in this field with 20+ years of experience are receiving a median salary of $95,500. Newbies, on the other hand, are only getting $46,500.

Education. Another way to obtain higher salary in health IT industry is to obtain higher level of education. Professionals with a MBA degree can have a median salary of $85,200 while those with MS in computer science will have a median salary of $77,200. BS degree holders in business adminstration have the lowest salaries.

Health IT exam. Professionals can also earn more in this industry if they pass the Registered  Health IT exam. It is a mandatory examination for those who want to work in the health information management.

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