Pharmacist Career: 3 Things You Need to Do When Opting for this Profession

The career of a pharmacist is promising (unlike MT). Although this is a rapidly expanding field, it is essential for aspiring individuals to seriously consider the fierce competition in this field. Plus, there is more to being in this field than working in a local drugstore. To help you win in the competition, you might want to study the tips provided by veteran pharmacists.

  • Explore career options in this field. There are multitude of careers inside the pharmacy department. Pharmacists can work in insurance companies, veterinarian practices and law firms. You can also work in clinical research where you are tasked to investigate drugs that might someday be useful to (dying) patients. 
  • Apply to several colleges. Keep in mind that some schools that offer pharmacy programs only accept enrollees in this area once a year. Hence, if you will not be accepted, you will have to wait for another year to reapply. Therefore, you should apply to various schools to increase your chances of being accepted. But when you shop for the best school, however, you need to look at the passing rate in previous year's licensure examination. Completing your pharmacy education from an established school leads to better job opportunities. 
  • Be compassionate and thorough. The job of a pharmacist is not easy. This profession does not have a room for errors. Just like medical technology profession, accuracy is very important in this job. And because you are interacting with sick patients, you need to become compassionate all the time. You must be ready to help a patient who might be needing your assistance any time. 
(Note to myself: If I had known the multitude of opportunities offered by this profession, I would have picked it over MT.)

Photo Source: Pharmacist
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