Dental Clinics In Davao City

Here is a list of dental clinics or dentists in the city of Davao:

1. Noeme Abellar 
Telephone number: 227-2329
Address: 105-A Pichon

2. Alojado Dental Clinic
Telephone number: 221-0928
Address: Lapu-lapu Street, Davao City

3. Pinky Daisy Ancog
Telephone number: 221-0966
Address: Paseo De Legaspi

4. Andres Dental Clinic
Telephone number: 227-1741
Address: Central Plaza Building, Davao City

5. Bacus Dental Clinic
Telephone number: 305-2081
Address: Skylite Arcade Davao City

6. Jossie gloria Balignot
Telephone number: 221-2100
Address: C.M. Recto Avenue, Davao City

7. Bautista Orthodontic Clinic - General Dentistry and Orthodontics
Telephone number: 221-5724
Address: JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

8. June Buenaventura 
Telephone number: 224-1664
Address: Aldevinco Shopping Center, Davao City

9. Dental Magic Oral Care - Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry
Telephone number: 298-4964
Mobile number: 63-920-636-5584
Address: Eco-West Drive Davao City

10. Dental Point Clinic - Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Dental Implants
Telephone number: 227-8188
Address: Palma Gil, Davao City

11. Ma. Cristina Domingo
Telephone number: 224-6220
Address: Davao Doctors Medical Tower

12. E De Jesus Dental Office
Telephone number: 221-4040
Address: 10 Mt. Mayon Street, Davao City

13. Gentle Dental Care - Dentistry for children, Aesthetic dentistry, Endodontics, Orthodontics and oral surgery, and Treatment for gum and bone disease. 
Telephone number: 221-8486 and 282-1534

14. San Vicente Dental Clinic
Telephone number: 227-1535
Mobile number: 63-919-637-5163
Note: I highly recommend Dr. San Vicente to treat your tooth problems. 

If you dial outside Davao City, the area code you must use is 082. 
If you want your dental clinic to be included in the list, please submit your contact information through the comment section. 


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