How to Cure Sore Eyes - The Natural Ways

There are many ways on how to cure sore eyes. But before you find one, make sure that you’ve understood this medical condition. 

Sore eye, per se, is a broad term that describes a wide range of possible sensations. In this condition, your eyes will feel tired or heavy as if there’s a foreign object in them. 

One of the most common causes of it is conjunctivitis. But it can also be caused by too much exposure to the sun, allergies, eye fatigue, and wearing of contact lenses. 

Diagnosing Before Finding Ways on How to Cure Sore Eyes

To make sure that your condition is indeed a sore eye, you have to see your eye care provider. Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and inquire about your lifestyle, eye problems, and diet. 

An eye examination may be conducted to investigate your eyes’ internal and external structures. It will also help in rolling out possible causes. 

Natural Cures for Sore Eyes 

One of the effective cures for sore eyes is cold compress. It can help you get an instant relief. In this method, you will need to soak a clean cloth in ice cold water. Then, place it over your affected eye. Do it as often as you can. 

  • Another cold compress method that you can try is chamomile tea bag. 
  • Put it in the fridge for half an hour. 
  • Then, place the chilled tea bag over the affected eye. 
  • Allow it to sit there for 20 minutes. For fast recovery, do it up to four times a day. 

Green tea, too, is an effective way to cure sore eyes. It can relieve itchy eyes while it soothes your eyes through its anti-inflammatory properties. To use it as a cure for sore eyes:
  • Boil green tea bags in a cup of distilled water. 
  • Allow them to cool first. 
  • Then, flush your eyes with this tea until the symptoms of this eye condition subside. 

How about cucumber? 

This, too, can be one of the best ways on how to cure sore eyes. Cucumber contains anti-irritation properties that can effectively reduce inflammation, swelling, and irritation associated with this eye condition. 

Before you place slices of cucumber over the affected eye, refrigerate it first. Wait for at least half an hour. Then, take out the cucumber and place it over your eyes. Allow it to stay there for 10 minutes. 

Other natural cures for sore eyes

Cold milk is also a good alternative. Use a cotton ball and soak it in a glass of cold milk. Rub it around the eyes. You may also use it as a compress to get an instant cooling effect. 

If you can get your hands on pure rosewater, then that’d be better as it can also be used as an effective home remedy for your itchy, reddish eyes. It’s simply cooling and it can help in clearing your eyes. You may also use it as an eye drop for an instant natural relief. 

Although these natural cures for sore eyes are effective, every case is different. Talk to your doctor about the best natural treatment for your condition.

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