Calcium Oxalate in Urine

medical technology, calcium oxalate crystals, clinical microscopy Calcium oxalate is one of my favorite crystals in urine because they can be recognized easily. Further, the shape resembles an envelope but dumbbell and oval forms may also occur.

Calcium oxalate crystal is one of the normal crystals that can be found in acidic urine.

I just can't forget calcium oxalate… it is one of the reasons why I passed the internship. How? It's a secret I can never tell.

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aybi said...

Wow! This is amazing, i never thought a small particle could look really cool as this one.

btw, care to exchange links?

Jane Jane said...

@aybi...I know. It would be more interesting if you are using a "more advanced" microscope.
Sure, I'll just add your site on the LE part.

Epilasyon said...

Thanks for this very useful information,it was amazing.

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