The Tic of Tourette Syndrome

Have you met someone who blinks or winks twice every 30 seconds? Or shouting obscene words every now and then?

Yes, I have met those people and those winks don’t mean admiration or those obscene words don't mean to disgrace me.

Watch this video to see what I mean.

This boy is suffering from Tourette Syndrome. It is a chronic, familial motor disorder characterized by tics: repetitive, irregular habit spasms. They just feel the urgency to blink, to shout, et cetera.

I know that most of you will find it funny when Tourette patients exhibit tics. That's why it is very essential to think first before you react.

Supportive counseling is also recommended for family members.

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The Fitness Diva said...

I have seen people like this out in public, and have always felt sorry for them. What an embarrassing condition to have to endure!

Usually, I see people with facial tics...involuntary movements of the face or change of facial expression.
You really have to try not to stare. I'm sure it's an uncomfortable social experience for those who have this.

Jane Jane said...

@Fitness Diva: Sadly, most people who don't understand or don't know anything about their condition will try to make fun of them. Sad but true.

Ty for dropping by and for leaving a comment. :)

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