Lifestyle Factors of Cosmetic Surgery

(This post is written by Brett, a guest writer.)

Considering a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve your self esteem or self image? There are a variety of lifestyle factors that should be taken into account before moving forward with any medical procedures, selective or otherwise. Your health care representative will provide specific guidelines and rules to follow before you arrive for surgery. Below is some fairly standard advice that is provided by most professionals pre-operation:

- Continue with regular exercise preceding surgery. Post operation, be sure to take it easy and take part in low-intensity workouts at first.
- Limit alcohol consumption.
- Be sure to get plenty of rest before and after surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a psychically draining experience for many patients.
- Avoid excessive sunlight. A variety of side effects including sunburn and dehydration can occur from spending too much time in direct sunlight.
- Don't smoke.
- Don't use illegal drugs.
- Eat healthy and continue to take any vitamin supplements.

For more information regarding this topic, there are a variety of cosmetic surgery blogs that can be used as an additional resource. By following these common sense guidelines, you'll be doing your part to ensure the success of your upcoming cosmetic procedure.


EddieGarcia said...

Hello Jane,
There seems to be a lot of people who are resorting to cosmetic surgery these days. Are they unhappy with the way God made them or are they just looking for perfection? I don't think I would have the guts to undergo the knife just to enhance my outward appearance, but to each his/her own. I hope the ones considering this type of surgery will follow your advice. Just curious, have you had cosmetic surgery?

Thanks for leaving your wonderful comment on my blog. Visit again!

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