How To Prevent Migraine?

I'm strong, but when it comes to migraine attack, I always falter. I'm too weak to fight it and it is too painful to see a light. Paracetamol may subdue the throbbing pain but it is not capable of completely eliminating it. According to health experts, it is easy to prevent migraine than to treat it; in which I fully agree.

How to prevent migraine? Keep away from eating foods that are rich in amino acid tyramine, such as cured and processed meats, aged cheeses, nuts and peanuts. Red wines, as well as chocolates, are known to trigger migraine because they contain high amount of tyramine.

Argh! I don't think I can prevent migraine from kicking in. All the foods that were mentioned were undeniably hard to resist.

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BK said...

I have a friend who will get migraine attack when she has chocolates but then she just can't keep her hands off chocolates. :)

Jane Jane said...

Hello BK,

Although they can worsen migraine, chocolates are still irresistible, hehehe...

Thanks for dropping by. :)

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