Flossing and Its Many Benefits

We all know that brushing our teeth is not enough to clean our teeth. Dentists always recommend flossing after brushing. However, not all people would find it convenient to put their hands in their mouth with a piece of thread. But in my case, I always see to it that I regularly floss my teeth to avoid cavities. Flossing may take a little of my time but it is worth a routine.

Some of the benefits of flossing

Flossing eliminates tiny food trapped in between your teeth. Also, it removes food particles which cannot be cleaned using your toothbrush.
Flossing prevents tartar formation.
Flossing reduces the risk of heart attack.

A fact about flossing: brushing without flossing is like cleaning 65% of your body leaving the 35% of dirt behind.

So, if you really want to enhance your oral health, then you should make it a habit to floss after brushing your teeth.

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HealthyLurker said...

I think flossing should come before brushing.

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