Health Benefits of Malunggay: Can It be Used to Impregnate Your Wife?

All parts of the Malunggay tree offer great health benefits,according to health experts. I do not utilize its roots, trunk and branches but I do plan to make a Malunggay soup as soon as the tree provides more leaves.

Do you have a problem bearing a child? Eating the leaves of Malunggay tree can help impregnate a woman. You can drink its juice or eat its cooked leaves. (You may read this article about how Senator Zubiri activated his fertility and impregnated his wife.)

As for me, I use the leaves of Malunggay for my chicken soup. I also employ it as a gauze to stop the wound from bleeding.

Although some medical doctors (like my cousin) do not believe Malunggay’s healing power and health benefits, there are people who can qualify such vegetable as a miracle food.

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