Hair Loss Problem Would Soon be Over

Hair loss problem among adult males would soon be rectified, according to a study. It would be possible by simply “manipulating” the gene, called APCDD1, which is involved in hair loss problem that arises in childhood.

According to researchers, a common mutation is needed to arrest a “signaling pathway,” which is used to control hair growth.

Still, many things are needed to be straighten out but it would surely change how hair loss problem is treated.
Source: Reader's Digest 


Jeremy from We Took The Bait said...

If this discovery was made thirty years earlier, comedian Gallagher likely would not have enjoyed the popularity that he did. His claim to fame: being funny = about 15%. Having a ridiculous receding hairline = about 85%.

Jane Jane said...

@Jeremy from We Took the Bait Yes, indeed. Thanks for dropping by.

Don said...

I don't mind my hair loss, which started at age 15 or so. Makes life easier in the morning when getting ready for work, and throughout the day when I take my scrub hat on and off...

Jane Jane said...

Hello Don,

Good thing hair loss works for you. But many of my friends are trying out different products just to ward off scalp hair loss.

Thank you for dropping by.

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