Vampire Disease

Yes, vampires are real. But they are not the same vampires as portrayed in movies or TV series. Rather, it is a rare genetic disorder in which the production of hemoglobin is impaired.

The medical term for vampire disease is porphyria. It has been around for many years but only few individuals know of it. (So, you can safely say that Edward Cullen was just suffering from porphyria and not a real vampire.)  

The following are symptoms of porphyria or vampire disease:

Highly sensitive to sunlight. When a person suffering from porphyria is exposed to the sun, his or her skin disfigures, blackens, ruptures and swells.

The fangs of vampires as seen on TV or a movie are the same fangs you will see when you meet a porphyria patient. Only that they arise because the lips and gums are drawn tight that the teeth will look like fangs.

Some patients with Vampire disease had to drink blood. This was to alleviate anemia, as well as pain. But this remedy has been replaced by injection of blood products.

Yes, vampire disease sufferers loathe garlic because of the chemicals found in said herb that can aggravate the symptoms.

Fortunately, vampire disease is not contagious. So, if you are bitten by a porphyria patient, you will not suffer from this condition.

Essentially, the vampire legend has a basis. However, vampire disease sufferers do not live that long, like Edward Cullen.

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