Soft Bounce Rebounder: What is the Best Soft-Bounce Rebounder Available on the Market?

Because of the risks associated with obesity, more and more people are looking into the various ways of losing weight and methods to stay healthy and fit. For that reason, the health and fitness industry is filled with an overwhelming number of exercise machines and pieces of equipment. They vary in size, shape, and manufacturer. Most of these exercise machines can be found in fitness centers. They are available only for members. But if you are the type of person who wants to settle with investing in a fitness equipment that you can comfortably use at home, then you might want to try the benefits of a soft bounce rebounder.

Safe, simple yet effective

Rebounding is one of the most popular exercises that can be easily carried out at home or in the office. It is safe and effective, even senior citizens can benefit from it. With the use of soft bounce rebounder, you can bounce up and down on this equipment with ease.

How many calories are burned using soft bounce rebounder?

If you weigh 150 pounds, bouncing on a soft bounce rebounder for 12 minutes can help you burn at least 82 calories. Jogging or running at 5 mph can only burn 71 calories. Should you wish to try more challenging exercises using a soft bounce rebounder, you can purchase rebounding DVDs. In here, you can explore more exercises designed for soft bounce rebounder.

Why not stick to running or jogging?

Apart from the fact that rebounding burns more calories than running or jogging can do, bouncing on a soft bounce rebounding equipment is less stressful. It does not put stress on your knees, ankles and back, unlike running/jogging. In fact, most doctors in the US recommend this type of exercise for patients who cannot tolerate the jarring stress related to jogging and running. With rebounding, you will never have to feel that you are exercising. Rather, you will be doing it for your own enjoyment.

The best soft bounce rebounder

Purchasing a high-quality soft bounce rebounder is a worthy investment considering its health benefits. The most popular soft bounce rebounder is Needak. It is small and handy allowing you to store it anywhere in your house if not in use. Essentially, it is a piece of fitness equipment that does not need a lot of space. In fact, an area that is as small as your coffee table is enough. With that small amount of space, you can already bounce up and down and burn some calories. However, you might want to move some furniture in case you miss your steps while jumping on the rebounder.

Suitable for first-timers

Soft bounce rebounder of Needak is an ideal fitness equipment if you are just starting this type of exercise. You can do small jumps or simply walking on it. As you progress, you can perform complicated motions using this rebounder.
Exercise anywhere

Because soft bounce rebounder of Needak is small, it can be carried almost anywhere where you can bounce up and down for your exercise routine. Surely, this is not possible with other fitness exercises. You can use it in the park, out in your own backyard or even in the beach.

How to purchase soft bounce rebounder?

Soft bounce rebounder can be purchased over the Internet. Prices may vary from one online store to another. Be sure to find a reliable online merchant so you can grab the best deal.
Needaks' soft bounce rebounder comes with a lifetime warranty, unlike other brands of rebounder. Lifetime warranty covers the frame, hinges, leg tubes and platform pins. Essentially, every part of this equipment has a warranty. With that in mind, you can be sure of the quality and durability while using this piece of equipment.

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