Healthcare IT: Its Benefits in Patient Care

healthcare IT
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Healthcare IT is a mixture of information technology and medical care. Its main goal is to develop a system that enhances the security of the healthcare system. It includes not just computer and information technology but it also involves health-related data. With healthcare IT, healthcare delivery to consumers has been tremendously improved.

Healthcare IT can be implemented or applied in various types of health environments. These will include general practice, rehabilitation and primary care, among others.

Benefits of healthcare IT solutions

Minimizes errors. Instead of writing down prescriptions, physicians can use electronic prescribing systems which can eliminate the hassle of hand-written prescriptions, thereby, minimizing errors. (Admit it. Doctor's handwriting is sometimes (most of the time) impossible to decipher.)

Enhances overall healthcare treatment. With the advanced technology, some treatments for life-threatening diseases have been unearthed. With this technology, doctors can easily treat their patient with less error.

Reduces the task of healthcare billing. Healthcare IT solutions can somehow eradicate the manual process of billing a patient, which will lead to few or no errors.

Maintains healthcare record. The medical records of a patient must be properly maintained. Doctors can just pull out his/her record to help him/her diagnose the patient’s ailment. Without proper maintenance of patients’ records, it could lead to a life-threatening situation for the patient.

Sadly, in the Philippines, healthcare IT is not yet fully embraced. Hospitals and clinics are still  utilizing the manual process of maintaining their patients’ records, i.e. folder filing system.

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