Chicken Recipes: Essential Tips On How to Shop for Chicken and How to Properly Fry Chicken

Chicken recipes are easy to prepare. They are not just versatile but they are also very mouthwatering. Yup!

What I like most about chicken recipes is that they can be served with side dishes. Plus, they can be cooked in different ways: baking, frying and grilling, among others. But before making chicken meals, you (I) must know how to properly shop for the best chicken meat.

  • Read the label. Scrutinize its description, total weight, expiration date or sell-by date and calories and nutrition information. The sell-by date should be 7 to 10 days after the chicken was butchered. It will remain fresh for 2 to 3 days after the said date, if it is properly refrigerated. After 3 days, it should be cooked. If not, it should be frozen. 
  • Choose moist chicken. It must be transparent in appearance and not patchy. Frozen chicken should be rock hard without signs of freezer burn. 
Favorite chicken recipes
  • Chicken and crock pot are great partners. 
  • Chicken soup is ideal if you are conscious about nutrition. 
  • Chicken can be added to salads too. 
  • Chicken casseroles are good choice for busy individuals.
  • Chicken stew is great for a hearty heart meal in the morning. (If only I had time to prepare it.) 
  • Roast chicken is an easy-to-prepare dinner. 
Here are some tips provided by experts when frying chicken: 
  • Leave the skin while still cooking. You may remove it before eating. 
  • Cover it for the first 5 minutes and remove the cover for the remainder of the cooking time. 
  • Use spatula or tongs when placing chicken in the pan. Fork can pierce the chicken, thereby, allowing its juice to escape. 
  • Use dry utensils when cooking. Keep in mind that water will only make the oil splatter when heated. 
  • Use canola oil, if you want to have milder taste for your chicken recipes. 
  • Do not cover the chicken after it has been cooked. It looses its crispness when you cover it. 
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