What is in Carbohydrates?

What is in carbohydrates? You may ask. Well, they contain elements necessary to provide you energy. Foods that are high in carbs are also high in starch or sugar. They include flour, starchy vegetables and grains.

What foods that are low in carbs?

You can eat meat, vegetables, fruits, soy beans and eggs.

How much carbohydrates do you need?

Health experts recommend getting half of your energy needs from healthy carbs. Unfortunately, not all carbs are equal. Hence, you should know which one is healthy and which one is not.

What is in carbohydrates that make you fat?

Carbs per se do not make you fat. Regardless of what food you eat, eating too much can lead to weight gain.

To obtain your ideal weight, you should not get rid of carbs from your diet. It has to be a balance of protein and carbs.

You should include vegetables, potato, brown rice and other complex carbohydrates on your diet. But you have to ensure that you eat a balance of simple and complex carbs.

For your breakfast, health experts recommend eating wholegrain cereals and whole wheat bread.

For your lunch, you should opt for small amount of carbs and choose lean protein. Do not eat large carb meals in the afternoon as they can slow you down.

For your dinner, opt to eat fruits and vegetables. Or you can take Herbalife Shake. That is what I drink in the evening. I just add 250 ml of high-calcium, non-fat milk to 80 grams of Herbalife Shake. Try it. You will see a difference.

Photo Source: www.health-club.org

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