Menopause Hot Flashes -- 5 Home Remedies You Need to Know to Reduce Frequency of Hot Flashes

You do not need prescription medicines to alleviate menopause hot flashes. You can easily cool things off using the following home remedies. Of course not all of them will work. So try out a couple of these tips to find out which one can help you counter the symptoms of menopause. Before you know it, you will feel a lot cooler.

  1. Get a regular exercise. If you really want to cool things off, you must engage in a regular exercise. Doing yoga five days a way can reduce the frequency of hot flashes. You should also engage in other aerobic activities in a week. Plus, you need to do muscle-strengthening exercises twice a week. These physical activities will not only make your hot flashes less intense but they will also enhance your overall health. 
  2. Eliminate coffee. Yes, coffee is good to help you be alert. But it contains stimulant. This means that it can only worsen your condition. If you cannot eliminate coffee from your routine, then you must try limiting to 300 milligrams of caffeine each day. This is about 1 1/1 cups of coffee per day. Replace caffeinated drinks with water. When cutting back on coffee, you must cut it gradually to avoid experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms. 
  3. Quit smoking. When compared with nonsmokers, women who smoke are more likely to experience hot flashes. This is the result of the stimulating effects of nicotine. If it is too difficult for you to quit, you may use some local resources to assist you in succeeding. 
  4. Change your diet. Whole grains, fruit and vegetables are great for your weight helping you decrease the intensity of hot flashes. Cut back on spicy foods and alcohol. Consume foods that are rich in soy. Soy contains high amount of isoflavones, which can offer similar positive effects to estrogen supplements. 
  5. Take black cohosh. This herbal remedy is known to relieve some symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal remedy if you are suffering from liver disease. 
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Danica said...

Menopause hot flashes are one of the several symptoms of menopause on women. Some individuals are having hard time in coping with this problem. Good thing that there are effective methods on how to lessen this problem.

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