Why Protein in the Morning? -Reasons You Must Focus on Protein in the Morning

Why protein in the morning? If you want to convince your brain and your stomach that you are satisfied, then you must take food rich in protein. If you skip on protein, you might be munching on potato chips an hour before you just had your breakfast.

Feel hungrier
Individuals who consume less than their daily protein consumption are more likely to feel hungrier after breakfast. As a result, they eat more on snacks and throughout the day compared to those who have enough protein on their breakfast. Because of that, they put on weight.

Health experts recommend to focus on protein in the morning and do not save it for dinner. Eating chia seeds is good as they are rich in protein and packed with good omega-3 fatty acids. Hard-boiled eggs are also a good option.

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Yoghurt is a good way to get some protein for breakfast...

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