The Flu: Ways To Fight It Naturally

When fighting the flu, you must not take antibiotics as they are considered ineffective. The reason for this is that this condition is caused by a virus and not bacteria. If you have bug, you must forego the use of modern medicine. Instead, you must fight it using natural means.

  1. Hydrate yourself. When fighting the flu virus, you must keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water. If you cannot take water alone, try putting some fruit juice in it. Or you may also prepare herbal tea if you like. 
  2. Practice good hygiene. You can avoid spreading the virus to other members of your family by washing your hands frequently. Your family members must also do the same. If you sneeze and have covered your mouth using your hands, you must wash your hands immediately to avoid transferring the virus. 
  3. Rest. When treating the flu, you must get enough rest or sleep to help you fight against the virus. 
  4. Eat healthily. You must consume vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating junk foods while still coping with the effects of the said virus. These healthy foods can offer a boost to your immune system. Prevent yourself from eating sugary foods as they can only lower your immune system. You can also boost your IS by taking enough vitamin C. 
  5. Swallow 2 garlic pills. These pills can help you fight against the virus. They are also ideal in cleansing your system. 
  6. Take honey. Honey is rich in vitamin C, which is good at fighting the flu virus. You may combine two tablespoons of honey and 3 pieces of calamansi or lemons. Drink the mixture every four hours. This natural concoction always works for me. 
You must not take antibiotics when fighting against the flu virus. As mentioned earlier, they are ineffective. However, if your sickness continues to persist for more than one week, you must see a doctor.

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