Human Body: How To Accept It?

Accepting your human body is not that easy, especially if you are always dreaming of having a supermodel-like body. But how can you truly appreciate what God has given you? Here are some tips given by experts on how to start accepting your body.

1. Get real. 
The majority of the images that you see on print ads and on televisions are not real. Those models endure hours of professional hair make-up sessions to bring out their best side. Professional lighting is also included to  produce their best shots. In other words, what you really see is just made up.

Therefore, you must educate yourself that no person glows the way those models in the magazines or televisions do. You must always think about what really happens behind the scenes.

2. Stop comparing yourself with those models. 
No human body is perfect. Even models and celebrities have parts in their bodies they do not really like and want to change them. Instead of comparing yourself with others, you must look at your human body as a whole and consider its marvelous functions. You do not have to experience a debilitating accident before you start accepting what God has given you. Do not be too obsessed about getting six-pack abs. Rather, start realizing that your body has a purpose and it performs a lot of functions to make you feel alive.

3. Take care of it. 
You must remember that you only have one human body per lifetime. Thus, you must accept and respect it. Over exercising, taking diet pills or undergoing quick fixes are ways to disrespect your body. Take care of it and you will feel better eventually.

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