The Flu And The Natural Approach To Alleviate Its Symptoms

The flu does not have a cure. However, there are over-the-counter treatments that you can find to relieve your symptoms or shorter their duration. You can also try the natural approach that may somehow help you feel better.

1. Have enough rest
In order to defeat the virus that causes the flu, you must get enough rest so your energy levels are high. With high energy levels, your immune system can easily fight against the flu virus.

2. Moisten your sore throat
Sore throat and the flu always go hand in hand. To bring temporary relief to your sore throat, you can gargle a salt solution four times each day. The tickling in your throat can be reduced by using an astringent gargle. It tightens the membranes allowing you to experience temporary relief to your condition. A viscous gargle consisting of honey and apple cider vinegar is also an effective folk remedy that you can try. But you must not give it to a child less than 1 year old.

3. Apply hot or cold packs
Either hot or cold can offer relief to your congested sinuses. Reusable hot or cold packs are available OTC. But you can also make your own. You just need to take a clean washcloth and heat it for less than a minute using a microwave. Before you apply it on your nose, however, you must test its temperature first to avoid scalding.

4. Use an extra pillow 
Apart from helping you breathe easily, the use of an extra pillow under your head allows drainage of nasal passages.

5. Avoid flying
If you have the flu, you must avoid flying as it can hurt your eardrums and put more strain to your upper respiratory system. However, if you really need to fly, you must use a decongestant. You must also carry a nasal spray before taking off and landing. You may also chew gum to relieve the pressure.

6. Drink plenty of water
You must increase fluid consumption when you have the flu. It keeps your respiratory system well-hydrated and liquifies thick mucus.

When should you see your doctor? 
The flu drugs are usually taken at the onset of this condition. It can decrease its severity and the duration of the symptoms. You must not take an antibiotic to treat the flu as this medication does not treat viruses. Keep in mind that the flu is a viral infection and not caused by bacteria.

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