Facts About Birth Control Everyone Should Know

Sadly, there are only 62% of people, who use contraception, know about the real facts about birth control. Many men and women are still not sure about the proper way to take, say birth control pill, even after their doctors have explained it to them.

Thus, I’ll highlight the list of things that you must know about birth control.

1. Obtain it for free

Yes, birth control pills or other methods can be obtained for free. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act. City government clinics are required to provide men and women the birth control methods that they need without paying anything.

What of your health insurance? Some providers do cover birth control without deductible. So, go ahead and ask your insurance company about it.

But, don’t expect that all brands are covered. You should assume that the birth control pills would be given are generics.

2. Use it consistently

This is one of the reasons you need to understand the explanation of your doctor on how to take your birth control pill. There are many facts about it that you must know to successfully prevent yourself from getting pregnant.

You won’t get pregnant if you take it every day or as prescribed by your physician. Don’t always assume that when you take it, you won’t get pregnant 100%.

You can avoid unintended pregnancy by taking it as directed.

3. Monitor side effects

Not all birth control pills are created equal. Some will suit you while others don’t. Most of the time, gynecologists will prescribe women with a pill that they know or they’ll give their patients pills that they currently have free samples stored in their closet.

But this doesn’t mean that they’re best for you.

So, track the side effects if you’re experiencing any. Then, talk to your doctor about them. The information you’ll give them will help your doctors find the right birth control pill for you.

4. Opt for IUD

Intrauterine devices are said to be more effective than birth control pills, patches or rings. This is because the t-shaped device inserted into your uterus can eliminate human error.

IUDs are safe. This is one of the facts about birth control that you should know. Currently, they’re considered the most effective. Plus, they offer long-acting results. And if you wish to get pregnant, you can reverse it by removing the device.

Can birth control pills cause weight gain?

This is one of the concerns of most teenagers who are taking them. They do cause weight gain, if you’re taking the early version of this type of pill.

Thankfully, modern birth control pills have been modified. Thus, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight while taking this pill.

Will they interact with other meds?

Your doctor will ask you of the other medications you’re using before giving you the right birth control pill. This is because some drugs don’t mix well with this type of pill. If you’re taking antibiotics, anti-depressants or natural supplements, you should consider telling your doctor about them. They might interact and reduce the effectiveness of a birth control pill.


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