The Ongoing Battle Against Zika Virus - Is it Time for the Catholic Church to Change Its Position About Abortion and Birth Control?

The CBCP defends Pope Francis on his stance about birth control on Zika virus issue. In a statement released by the CBCP, Archbishop Socrates Villegas said that the Holy Father was clear about the evil of abortion. 

He and other bishops reiterate the Church teachings that, even if the child in the womb is afflicted with deformity, it’s still not moral to end the human life. For them, no one has the right to judge as to who lives or die. 

Villegas’ statement was posted on the official website of the CBCP

But with the ongoing crisis to control zika virus, is it time for the pope to bless birth control and abortion? 

Criticizing the coolest Pope isn't easy. Even those who aren't Catholics listen when he speaks. But it’s hard to ignore the Church’s opinion about artificial contraception. Pope Francis still insists that abortion and birth control are going against the natural laws of God, i.e. to go and multiply. 

But scolding birth control is said to be an archaic man-made mandate that orders women to over populate the planet. Before birth control became popular, women were non-stop in giving birth to their babies. You could see sickly and emaciated kids going around living in tiny living spaces. Some women did abort their pregnancies to spare their unborn children from a life of poverty. Those mothers who couldn’t control their depression, they committed suicide. 

Still, the Catholic Church considered birth control as unlawful. 

But modern Catholics of today no longer believe that each sperm is sacred. They’re aware of the Church’s teachings about birth control but they just prefer to plug their ears. 

Now, the rise of the Zika virus is threatening almost everyone. Even if the Catholic Church will switch side, the fight against the virus is still a long way to go. According to the WHO, this mosquito-transmitted virus issue will be a long and complex road. 

The virus itself is tricky and tenacious. It’s very difficult for it to catch and be contained. Dengue and chikungunya outbreaks gave us lessons that stopping this virus is going to be a long journey. 

Currently, Brazil is the center where Zika outbreak is ongoing. The virus is suspected to cause a spike in microcephaly. It’s congenital condition that causes the newborn child to have a small head. The virus also hampers the child’s brain development. 

Although Brazil is the hardest-hit country, there are several cases have been reported in 28 countries in the Americas and Caribbean. 

Several countries have already launched a massive operation to eliminate stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. 

Unlike the dengue virus, there’s no vaccine against Zika virus. There’s also no cure to it. The spread of the virus is said to be explosive. It infects up to four million people in the world. 

The US CDC is still investigating as to whether or not Zika virus is a sexually transmitted disease. Currently, there’s no proof yet whether women can transmit the virus to their sex partners. However, the CDC is conducting more studies to better understand the issue.


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