Antioxidants Can Make You Slim

Antioxidant Fruits
Wondering why antioxidant foods/supplements are hot on the market nowadays? This is because of their health benefits that can make wonders to your body, especially when you're trying to slim down and shed off unwanted fats.

Pro-Aging and Pro-Obesity
Free radicals are said to be pro-aging. Furthermore, they are discovered to make you fat. According to a neuroendocrinologist, free radicals can damage specific cells responsible for prompting us that our stomach is already full. Chips, for example, contain free radicals. This is the reason why our appetite is increased when we consume chips or junk foods. In order to fight against free radicals, we must avoid junk foods because they are junk and junks aren’t supposed to be eaten. Also, antioxidants are available to help eliminate oxidizing molecules.

However, free radicals should not be eliminated completely from our body. Even though they can make you look older and they are culprits for your weight problem, they too have health benefits, if consumed at a minimum.

Berries, plum, kiwi fruits are just few of the fruits rich in antioxidants.

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