How To Survive Deadly Heart Attack When You Are Alone

According to national heart lung and blood institute, heart attack is a condition wherein blood flow to a section of heart muscle becomes clogged. If the obstruction is not restored immediately, it causes damage to the section of the heart muscle because of oxygen deprivation. This would lead to death. Unfortunately, heart attack occurs when we are alone. Hence, we need to know how to survive when heart attack invades us.

Repeated coughing is one way to survive heart attack, advised by a cardiologist. It is said that a deep breath before each cough should be done. It has to be deep and prolonged. It is like producing sputum from deep inside the chest.

It is necessary to take this deep breath and cough method repeatedly every two seconds or until the heart is beating normally, in order to survive from a heart attack.

This method used to survive heart attack follows the principle that taking deep breaths or prolonged inhalation can cause restoration of oxygen from the lungs. Coughing, on the other hand, keeps the blood from circulating and eventually regains normal rhythm.

This information was sent to me by a friend who's working abroad as a nurse. I have not tested its effectiveness, but it may save someone's life.

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EddieGarcia said...

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This is very important for all of us to know. Now if I can only remember it. lol I want to thank you for visiting my blog again and I know you miss your grandparents very much. I miss mine as well and they are in another state far away which makes it virtually impossible to visit their grave sites. We are blessed to have our memories of our loves ones.

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