Insomnia Remedy: Drink Coffee

Insomnia Remedy: Nescafe Relax
Okay, I know that by drinking coffee, your brain is stimulated and you'd feel more alive. But drinking decaffeinated coffee with chamomile will soothe your nerves helping you fall asleep. Tea or coffee containing chamomile is said to be effective insomnia remedy.

You can try the Nescafe Relax. It has chamomile extract. One sachet makes two servings. But words of caution though: Do not attempt to drink it while you are at work. You might get caught sleeping. This is good for insomnia remedy.

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EddieGarcia said...

Hello Jane Jane,
I talked with a friend today about her sleeping problem. She drinks a lot of iced coffee so maybe she can substitute one of these and it will make her sleep at night. I will tell her about these brands and see if she will try them. Thanks so much for this awesome tip!

Friends 4 Life!

Jane Jane said...

Hello Eddie,

No prob. :)

your "Health Assistant" said...

great tip you have here

Anne said...

I do not know whether Nescafe Relax is available in Malaysia. I will try to look around. Anyway thanks for this tip ;)

Jane Jane said...

Hi your "Health Assistant,"

Thanks and thank you for dropping by. :)

Jane Jane said...

Hello Anne,

I think you can find Nescafe Relax in Malaysia, since this coffee is an international brand.

Thanks for dropping by. :)

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