Aloe Vera Gel As Sunburn Remedy

I had sunburn few days ago because of the obvious reason--too much sun exposure. I forgot to apply sun protection while I was practicing freestyle stroke. It got worse when I played tennis in the afternoon. My sister-in-law advised me to apply aloe vera gel of Herbalife onto the affected areas. To my relief, aloe vera gel is indeed an effective sunburn remedy. It soothed the painful burnt skin.

Aloe vera gel, by the way, is not only used to act as sunburn remedy but it is also an effective treatment for acne.

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Aloe Vera Shop said...

Hello there,

we use aloevera for more than 9 years now ourselves and also in the neigborhood.
But here in Germany it is not allowed to speak about the healthy function of the plant.
We have to speak "arround" the possibilitys, the aloe offers.
But in all, the results will proof the ability of what we have promised and so, more and more people here in Germany will use aloevera gel for drinking and aloe-cosmetics and creams for the skin.
And we know for sure, that its a amazing anti-sunburn product
Best regards from Germany

healthandfitnessgeek. said...

It also feels good when putting aloe vera gel it's cold and very soothing to the skin. nice info and always fit and healthy

Vera Gel said...

In my opinion, Aloe Vera is the best sunburn product ever. Thank a lot for sharing this article. Good job!

Franz said...

Aloe Vera is the best product ever, for sensitive skin and a amazing anti-sunburn product to.

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