The Sarcoidosis That Killed Bernie Mac

bernie mac's sarcoidosis

It was through a program (that I forgot) in Velvet sky-cable channel that I learned about the real reason of Bernie Mac's death. According to the report, Bernie Mac died from pneumonia. But he also suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affects any organ in the body. Patients with the said disease are susceptible to pneumonia.

Red bumps on the face, shins and arms are common symptoms of sarcoidosis. If you experience shortness of breath and have been coughing without remission, then you might be suffering from such disease since those are first symptoms of sarcoidosis. The only way to find out is to consult your physician.

Unfortunately, the cause of sarcoidosis is not known yet to the medical community, ergo, no known method to prevent the disease from occurring. Although the cause is still unknown, this disease can be treated. There are treatments available to keep the lungs working, as well as the other affected organs in the body.

As for Bernie Mac, he, surely, brought sarcoidosis awareness to the public.

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nycity paul said...

his idiot doctors killed him with pharmsutical poisions instead of lifestyle consuling and diatary and vitimins therapies and other less toxic approaches

bernie had an immune disorder and doctor succeeded in distroying what aws left of it

medical murder plainly

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