Prevent Osteoporosis: Drink Milk

Prevent Osteoporosis

Not everyone likes to drink milk, but I love it. I always drink this liquid that contains various vitamins and minerals two times a day. This habit will help me prevent osteoporosis, according to doctors.

Some of the commercial milk today contains nano-calcium. This type of milk enters into the inner layer of the bone thereby building your bones, not just from the inside but also from the outside.

In my mother’s case, too much calcium in her body caused kidney stones to form. For that reason, she could not take more than one glass of milk every day.

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joby said...

Very interesting. I wonder if there is any proof of this in the wild, I know bears and other large animals who hibernate are likely canidates for disuse osteoporosis. Maybe these animals know something we dont, you would think they have to accomadate for months of laying there at a time...

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