Skin Whitening—The Power Of L-Glutathione Of Whitelight

Whitelight Glutathione, Skin Whitening TreatmentIf you are an American, British or someone with natural white skin, skin tanning treatment must probably be more interesting to read than skin whitening treatment. But if you are a Filipino or a person with dark skin complexion, then skin whitening treatment is more appealing to you than skin tanning.

I know that you know the positive effects of taking glutathione. So, there is no need for me to elaborate on that topic.

Anyway, I attended an hour of lecture about the products of AIM Global held in Kidapawan City. Among their products, Whitelight Glutathione captivated my attention most.

The mode of administration for Whitelight Glutathione skin whitening treatment is sublingual, which means you have to spray the content under your tongue and hold it there for 20 seconds before swallowing it.

The lecturer said that it is more effective and safer than ingesting a pill of Glutathione. Why? I asked. Sublingual administration of any medication bypasses three processes in your system. It goes directly to your bloodstream, ergo, faster results.

The lecturer added that a lot of people are already using Whitelight Glutathione including celebrities, like Ara Mina (product endorser of White Light).

Is it effective? I inquired. Yes, said the woman who has been using it for a few months now. She added that Whitelight Glutathione skin whitening will evenly whiten your skin including those "dark areas" in your groin.

One bottle of Whitelight Glutathione skin whitening treatment costs around PHP 1,900 and it is good for two months.

So, if you want to have lighter skin, you might want to embark on Whitelight Glutathione skin whitening treatment in preparation for your graduation ball.

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BK said...

This is something which I can't understand yet at this point. A friend and I were just talking about skin whitening recently. I just hope she can see how beautiful she is already even without the white skin. But apparently she thinks otherwise.

Jane Jane said...

Hello BK,

I think, it might be the effective advertising campaign of a certain skin whitening treatment that made her think she needed whitening treatment to treat her already white complexion.

Thank you for dropping by.:)

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if you are using whitelight guthathione already and you want to take vitamins like collagen or myra e what will happen and what will be the effect?is it better to use whitelight glutha alone?...aside from that what will happen if you go swimming even using sunblock with spf 50?

Jane Jane said...

Hello Anonymous,

No, I don't use Whitelight Glutathione. It was just introduced to me by AIM Global, but haven't tried it. Furthermore, I am not sure the type of reaction your body will produce from taking whitelight plus vitamins. But, like they say, everything that is too much is bad enough.

SPF 50 protects your skin against sunburn. I'm using Nivea with SPF 50 when I swim. My skin will still get darker after swimming under the heat of the sun, but it will fade after a few days or so.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Anonymous said...

Im using it right now for a month... you will the effect after 1 month...

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