Can Green Tea Cause Hives?
As of this writing, I am enduring the itchiness brought by the hives, which usually disappear later in the day, on my legs and my back. I have already applied Katinco, a chinese ointment, to alleviate the itchy feeling. I am not sure how I got this but I postulate that it is caused by green tea that I have been drinking since the holidays.

I know that green tea is good for the body because of its high-level of antioxidants. That’s why I am taking two glasses of Lipton green tea each day. This routine started during the holidays. I didn’t have a problem with it until last week.

I suspect that green tea is the culprit of my hives as it is the latest “item” introduced to my diet. I have made my research on the web regarding green tea’s ability to cause hives. It turned out that some people have also experienced itchy bumps caused by drinking green tea.

I still have to verify my assumption with my dermatologist this week.

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