The Importance of Dental Cleaning

I had my annual dental cleaning last Saturday. The cost of the procedure has increased from PHP 600 to PHP 700. Darn.

Dental cleaning is important for the general health. It can help fight against dental and medical problems, like gum disease, bone loss, and strokes, among others.

Dental cleaning procedure is also useful in screening for oral cancer. It can also help avoid losing your teeth as you grow older. And of course, it can prevent bad breath.

Anyway, I never fail to visit my orthodontist for my annual dental cleaning because I do not want to wear false teeth (dentures) when I grow old.

Although dental cleaning should be done twice a year, I can only afford to have it done once a year. However, because of the de-mineralization in my two molars, my orthodontist advised me to have my dental cleaning twice a year and undergo fluoridation. It is a process of applying fluoride gel over the teeth. It strengthens the teeth, thereby, avoiding building up of plaque.

Dental cleaning is painless and the smooth feeling is wonderful.

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Marian said...

Do not forget to floss everynight...

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