How to be a DR: 5 Critical Steps to Become a Medical Doctor

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Training and education are two important factors on how to be a DR or a doctor. They include undergraduate, graduate and clinical residency. The length of training will depend on the area of specialization you will choose. However, it usually requires at least 11 years of education and training on how to be a dr.
These are some of the steps you should take on how to be a Dr:

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. To be a doctor, you must earn a Bachelor of Science degree. This allows you to have basic medical learning. You should take courses in chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. BS in Medical Technology is one of the degrees you can obtain to help you on how to be a Dr.

Apply to medical school. Before you will be admitted to a medical school, you must pass the medical college admission test first. It is an examination that tests your knowledge about medical concepts and terminology.

Complete a Doctor of Medicine degree. It takes four years to complete this. The first two years involve classroom and laboratory work. It tackles anatomy, medical laws and ethics, microbiology and pharmacology, among others. The last two years will involve clinical rotation in different medical departments. Internships allow students to decide which area of medicine they want to specialize in.

Finish medical residency on how to be a Dr. After completing medical school, you must enter a residency program. Unlike other OJT programs, you will be paid when undergoing on-the-job training on how to be a Dr.

Pass a licensure examination. Before you can practice medicine, you must pass a medical licensing examination. If not, you cannot legally work as a medical doctor.

Here in DC, there is only one medical school that aspiring doctors can attend to --Davao Medical School Foundation. It was supposed to be my school if I decided to fulfill my dream to become a DR.

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