Dessert: 5 Surprising Ways to Make Healthier Dessert

I love dessert. Although I am watching my diet, I cannot stop myself from eating sugary foods rich in saturated fat and refined carbohydrates. But because of the consequences of devouring too much of them, I have found some strategies that can slash the kilojoules and make healthier dessert.

  • Make smaller desserts. Instead of preparing the whole recipe, cutting it in half can make smaller serves, thereby, reducing kilojoule load. Although they are smaller desserts, they can still satisfy sugar cravings. 
  • Add fruits. According to experts, desserts overloaded with fruits have fewer kilojoules compared with those that are chocolate-based. Fruits improve the overall benefits of a dessert because they are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Therefore, it would be best to add in more fruit than what is stated in the original recipe. 
  • Reduce sugar. Desserts may mean a lot of sugar but they can be cut back without directly affecting the flavor. But this strategy is very tricky. To make it work, start by taking out at least 10% of the sugar. 
  • Tweak recipes. By this it means reducing or eliminating unhealthy ingredients. For instance, instead of using cream, adding natural yoghurt and ricotta will do. Any tweaking will do as long as it aims to reduce saturated fats, kilojoules and sugar. 
  • Replace white flour. Use whole grain flour, instead. It is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. 
Desserts are there to satisfy sugar cravings. They can be healthy if they are eaten moderately. Also, it would help if you eat it at the table, rather than eating them mindfully while watching TV. 

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