Migraine Remedies: 5 Possible Tricks to Ease The Pain

I take prescription medicines if I have migraine but I am also searching for effective migraine remedies that can help ease the pain. Here are some self-care measures I found that may also be effective in alleviating the pain each time migraine attacks me.

  1. Get adequate amount of sleep. Although it is important that you sleep at least six hours a night, you must not oversleep as it can worsen your condition. It is also highly recommended that you go to bed and wake up at regular times. 
  2. Rest. (This is what I do when I feel like headache is going to attack me. I just lie down in my bedroom and try to relax and sleep.) According to experts, it is also helpful if you apply an ice pack on the back of your neck to ease those painful areas. 
  3. Know what triggers your migraine. Knowing what triggers headache can help you prevent it from happening. This will also help your doctor better understand your condition so he/she can give you the right medicine or treatment specifically for your case. 
  4. Try acupuncture. (One of these days, I will try this natural treatment.) In clinical trials, this non-traditional therapy was found to be helpful in alleviating headache pain. 
  5. Take vitamins and minerals. There are reports that feverfew and butterbur can prevent or reduce the severity of headache. Unfortunately, these herbs are not easy to find. Taking of riboflavin may also help in preventing migraine to occur as it corrects some deficiencies in the brain cells. You may also try taking magnesium supplements but be sure to ask your doctor about it. 
These migraine remedies may or may not help in easing the pain but there is no harm in trying one of them. (I will definitely try acupunture.)

Photo source: nhs.uk
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